The Fresh Start Mission:

To bring marginalized refugee and new immigrant families into the economic mainstream through employment and education.

The choice to found a socially conscious cleaning service is based on friendships formed within the refugee community. Luma Mufleh, volunteer coached 3 refugee boys' soccer teams. Through this work, she befriended a group of unique soccer moms; mothers who unlike their mainstream counterparts face discrimination, few employment options, poverty, and social and economic isolation.

Fresh Start is a healthy work environment for refugee and new immigrants --one where their needs, skills, social and economic well-being are taken seriously. Through their active participation in cleaning work, training classes, and leadership roles, these families will gain skills that bring them into the economic mainstream.

While cleaning services are now the company focus, the long-term plan is to assess the growing needs of employees and employers and to expand into other complementary areas of service: landscaping services, laundry, and meal preparation. If the company is successful, we dream of expanding locally and nationally to include other refugee and new immigrant families.

Founder Luma Mufleh graduated from Smith College in 1997 with studies in Anthropology and Government. An avid soccer coach for two award winning teams, Luma is an equally passionate small business owner and community leader.


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